Open House & Workshop Summary

Open House & Workshop Summary

An open house and workshops were held regarding the District of Mission’s Official Community Plan (OCP). The purpose of this event was to inform participants about the OCP update process, and to request their input on a variety of OCP topics. Two urban design and visioning workshops were held during the open house event.


Read the Open House and Workshop Summary to find out what we heard from the community.


  1. I am a bit disturbed by many of the submissions–particularly for larger rural lots. I think a lot more investment needs to go into the existing urban zone and prevent further sprawl in Mission, which is plagued with industrial sprawl, commercial sprawl and urban sprawl. instead, I would constrain the growth and make a larger agricultural land reserve and forest reserve and focus on making the existing urban areas more livable and densify them as much as possible and intelligently. I am for making neighborhoods, but the concept proposed in the sessions seems to be for commercial sprawl rather than drawing neighborhoods tighter together. I also think that traffic calming measures could be put in place in many neighborhoods, such as the downtown neighborhood, to make the streets safer play areas and walking areas. There is little traffic in the downtown and many people walk there and there are many kids.

    Subdivision in the ALR is very destructive to farming. I would consult with the Ministry of Agriculture before trying to re-zone the rural areas to smaller lots.

    • Thank you for the comment Kim! We made sure it got to Gina and the OCP team.

  2. Hello,
    I sent in a request for the OCP review committee to connect with the South Coast Conservation Program, in order to ensure adequate mapping is in place for Mission’s listed species. To date, I have received no response or acknowledgement of this request.

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