Draft OCP & Feedback Survey

Draft OCP & Feedback Survey

Help Shape the Final OCP

The draft Official Community Plan is ready for public review.

We invite you to review the plan and provide comments to help refine this important document.

You’re invited to join us for one of the upcoming neighbourhood meetings to review the draft – and if you can’t make it use the links below to make sure your voice is heard.

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Mission OCP Draft – Complete Document

Have Your Say

Please provide your feedback on the key elements of the plan through this brief survey.

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The survey is open until February 17, 2017. All responses are completely anonymous. Data is stored securely in Canada.


  1. 1) I support the Rural Residential designation for the Ferndale neighbourhood.

    2) To prevent blanket rezonings (where developers/owners apply to rezone parent properties that have the potential of multiple lots through subdivision) in the rural and rural residential areas where the capacity of underground water for wells has not been studied comprehensively, I suggest the following statement be included in the Official Community Plan for the Rural and Rural Residential areas:

    “Consider site specific rezoning to provide one secondary dwelling unit per rezoning application on properties that are designated Rural or Rural Residential.”

  2. I agree with the Rural Residential designation being retained for the Ferndale Area.

    The Official Community Plan should include the minimum lot sizes for the Rural Residential and Rural areas so that it is understood what Rural Residential and Rural actually are.

    There should be a statement to prevent blanket rezonings that allow more than one potential lot at a time to be rezoned for a secondary unit in the Rural Residential area. Our area has not been studied to determine how much ground water for wells there is. With developers in Ferndale currently trying to double the density through secondary units on multiple lots this puts a lot of pressure on the Ferndale Rural Residential area without knowing whether the aquifier can sustain this increase in density.

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